Visiting Devan’s Coffee in New Delhi, India

Ryan Davis
3 min readMay 31, 2019

A great cup of coffee is nothing less than a miracle. Coffee has got me through so many days of feeling miserable. Have an addictive personality, I end up consuming way too much than is necessary but if one cares about their body and their future they should not do so. Coffee is a cultural commodity, it is wealth. Its discoveries are lingering in the 7th century Ethiopia. Anyway, that is none of our concern but yes, Coffee has influenced culture in the western civilizations as much as the middle east where coffeehouses were the cultural hub of everything. It is amazing how coffee is a drink but also a cultural icon. It is amazing how this commodity has become such a part of people’s lives. In India, coffee came via the silk route where travelers made way through the Indian peninsula to go to China. Hence, coffee plays an important part in Indian households with its own Indiazined ‘accent’.

New Delhi is the cultural hub of India. It is the place where all cultures combine. Usually, people seem to dislike Delhi very strongly, for the language, for various other reasons but I have always appreciated Delhi, for it being the heart of culture in India. I have found amazing places in Delhi. Places that have a heart. Places that summarize the Delhi spirit in a very sophisticated way. Devan’s at Lodhi Garden is a place exactly like that.

I have ordered coffee from them when I used to live in Delhi. They export worldwide and have a website where you create your own custom blends of coffee and get them delivered wherever you are.

I had never visited them in person before. When I did it was amazing.

Actually, to be honest I am sitting here right now amidst the smell of coffee with a beautiful acoustic medley playing in the background. While Siddhanth, the owner of the place conducts his business in one half on the shop while the other half being the cool coffee bar setup where I am sitting and typing this out.

When I arrived here, it was like Disneyland. I was so excited to see the various coffees and teas here. I touched everything. It must be annoying yet I did not care. The shop’s shelves meticulously display various pour over jugs, Mocha Pots, Cafetière and more here sitting for you to buy them and geek out on Coffee.

I also had quite a discussion with Siddhant about his business and the potential to scale it. Also, how coffee is still, in many parts of North India, a mystery beyond the ‘tweaking’
aficionado. I say that with all due respect. Also, my favorite song (in its category) Jolene by Ray Lamontagne played in the background. I couldn’t help but try to sing along. The coffee high is to be blamed here.

Calming myself down with my third cup. Tried out everything at the bar.

Come here, if you’re ever in New Delhi. An authentic coffee bar with great ambiance and the smell of coffee. It is not just a coffee bar but also a shop that sells coffee, they have grinds and machines in the back that you can see. There is coffee everywhere, literally.

It is heaven.



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